Data files available for download:

Modern Distribution of Foraminifera

These are published datasets of paired observations of tidal elevation and foraminifera in surface sediment.

Data were collected to provide regional-scale modern training sets to reconstruct paleomarsh elevation and relative sea level.

Data are presented as raw counts of dead species unless stated otherwise.

Species abbreviations are summarized in the "Dictionary" tab.

Citation information is provided in the "Citation" tab and may include studies by other researchers where training sets were combined with previously published results. Please cite data appropriately.

To compare species-elevation relationships among sites with different tidal ranges it is necessary to convert elevations to a Standardized Water Level Index (SWLI). These are not provided because they are frequently calculated in several different ways. See the original publications for examples.

New Jersey Modern Foraminifera

Connecticut Modern Foraminifera

North Carolina Modern Foraminifera

Newfoundland Modern Foraminifera, Testate Amoebae and Carbon Isotopes